Jon Wrigley is a professional photographer specialising in audiovisual and commercial fields. His commissions have taken him to Italy, England, Austria and Brazil, working on projects ranging from large historical, cultural shows and collaborations on art installations. His in-depth knowledge of production and post-production techniques both in analogue and digital, together with a vast experience of working on diverse photographic assignments in the studio and on location has led to commissions from national and multinational companies. His passion for photography and thirst for knowledge is the driving force behind his work ethic; that is to strive to create quality imagery and to continue enjoying the process.

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Taking the Next Step

With the advent of generative AI, photography is being upended by artifice and innovation. Images no longer have to be taken from a physical perspective but can instead be generated through AI utilising algorithms that simulate reality. As artificial intelligence technology progresses with increasing speed, I fear it will become increasingly difficult for the average...